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robot cleans thoroughly

SBS Ecoclean Group

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Components that are smeared with cutting oils, for example, are cleaned for further processing by the Robolink DP spray water. For this purpose, the robot carries a cleaning lance with it, which enables it to clean even narrow bores. Ecoclean is a specialist in the component cleaning market. Different cleaning processes and customized cleaning lines can ensure the clean condition of components for further processing.

In this application, prototype components are cleaned in a cleaning cell using a Robolink DP spray water. The goal is to find the appropriate cleaning process for serial cleaning. The Robolink DP with its motors and gears suitable for splash water offers the advantage that tests can be implemented quickly and easily. The robot is located in the cleaning cell and comes into direct contact with the cleaning medium.

In the past, such tests were carried out in large cleaning tanks, which required a large quantity of the cleaning media. The cleaning tanks had to be cleaned afterwards and the cleaning medium had to be recycled at great expense.

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