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Präzises Einsetzen einer Schraube mit Hilfe des Robolinks DP 5

The Robolink DP 5 used as an installation aid

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A customer test was carried out in our LCA Customer Testing Area in Cologne using the Robolink DP 5. The Robolink DP 5 was used in combination with the MPZ 45 small parts gripper. Due to the 5 degrees of freedom, the Robolink could be flexibly programmed to transport the small parts. Precise movements of the robot made it possible to remove the screw from the fixture and insert it into the intended gap. The test was completed successfully.

With robolink® robotic arms, monotonous and dangerous processes can be automated cost-effectively and easily. The robotic arms from igus® can be equipped with grippers or lifting suction cups. If required, a coordinated industrial control system is offered for the robolink®, which enables the articulated arm to be programmed via intuitive software.

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