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igus gantry robot on customized frame

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In this video we see an igus room gantry robot performing a cycle test. The robot is mounted on a frame made of aluminum profiles, which gives it stability and flexibility.

The cycle test begins with the robot in its starting position. It then performs a series of movements that have been carefully programmed to simulate different operating conditions. These movements can include lifting and lowering objects, rotating around different axes and moving along different paths.

During the test, the robot continuously monitors its performance and collects data that can be used to further optimize its functions. The test ends when the robot has completed all planned movements and returns to its starting position.

This cycle test is an important step in the development and improvement of robots as it helps to evaluate their performance under different conditions and identify areas that may need further optimization. It is also a testament to the robustness and reliability of the igus spatial gantry robot.

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