Small Conveyor GUF-P MINI AE

Variants: LxB 1000x100 mm, Motor left

Item no.: RBTX-MK-0064

The GUF-P MINI AE is a belt conveyor with a modular profile design for transporting small and lightweight parts with low volumes. Thanks to its minimal installation height, this conveyor is ideal for integrating into complex systems where space is at a premium. Since the belt recirculation is integrated in the conveyor frame, the conveyor can be placed directly on the machine bed. The small diameter of the drive roller and idler roller also prevents large gaps where the products are transferred over.

The T-slots running along both sides (7 mm slot width) in the conveyor frame allow you to easily fasten the conveyors to machine frames or to attach side rails, sensors and other accessories. They also allow for the installation of a conveyor stand along the entire length of the conveyor frame to bypass projecting edges in machine beds, uneven floors and ledges.

The power supply and the controlling is done via the Igus Robot Control.

A base frame is not included in the scope of delivery. Please contact us if required!

The product can be customized to your needs. Please contact us.

Usual delivery time: 3 weeks

Motor Protection Switch



Technical data

  • Widths: 100 / 150 

  • Lengths: 1000 / 1500 / 2000 

  • Conveyor belt: PU, white FDA, restricted accumulating, antistatic 

  • Drive: AE head drive, Igus stepper motor, 24 or 48V, DC 

  • Motor installation position: Outlet side laterally, either on the left or right  

  • Mode of transport: Recommended forward, continuous operation 

  • Transmission: direct drive 

  • Driving roll: Ø 33 mm, ungummed 

  • Tail: Ø 33 mm  

  • Conveyor frame: aluminum, anodized 

  • Belt support: stainless steel 


In connection with ...

... the IgusRobot Control and the motor module item no. RL-MAT0351 the following services are possible: 

  • Speed: 1.2 - 102m/min, adjustable 

  • Total load at 48VDC 

  • up to 25m/min: 20kg 

    • > 25m/min to 45m/min: 15kg 

    • > 45m/min to 102m/min: 7kg 

  • Total load at 24VDC 

    • up to 25m/min: 15kg 

    • > 25m/min to 45m/min: 7kg 

    • > 45m/min to 102m/min: 3kg 

CE marking: meets the requirements of the Machinery Directive (MD) for a complete machine 


Other options and accessories

  • Lengths: 400 to 3000 mm 

  • Width: 75 mm 

  • Total load: up to 15 kg (with width of 150 mm) 

  • Speed: upto 15 m/min 

  • Motor installation position: pointing downwards 90° 

  • Belt types: from suitable to unsuitable for accumulated operation 

  • Side rails 

  • Stand systems 

  • Angle fastening for table-top assembly or connection to machine frames 

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