Study - Rotation conveyor

Variants: Ø280mm

Item no.: 0-RBTX-BASICS-0039

The rotary conveyor developed by Igus is used for feeding, positioning and separating small components. These can be picked by robot kinematics or fed to a production line. A rotating felt disc jerks the inserted components into motion, causing them to change their position spontaneously. The operator determines which parts he wants to convey and is also responsible for fitting the attachments (baffles etc.) that are required for conveying and further processing certain desired small parts. These attachments can be fastened to the screw connections of the modular limit.

Usual delivery time: 3 weeks

System of protection
337 x 300 x 225


RBTX return money ICON v1 lil -ai

Fast ROI

Feeding systems are often associated with high investment costs that only amortise slowly.

With the low-cost rotary conveyor, you can achieve a return on investment within a short time

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