External rotary axis

Item no.: RBTX-IGUS-0183

The external robolink® D rotary axis allows circular workpiece movements. They are also often called slewing rings, rotary indexing tables or rotary tables, and allow continuous transport to various stations in a single work step. The radius of robot action is extended, making robots much more flexible in their applications. The rotary axis is driven electromechanically by a stepper motor via a gearbox with 48:1 transmission.

Usual delivery time: 3 weeks

Rated speed
6 1/min
Rated torque
15 Nm
Max. torque
50 Nm



Tech up

  • Very light due to igus high-performance polymers

  • Extremely compact for integration into the robotics as an external rotary axis

  • Ready to install, including motor and D1 dryve motor control system

  • Mechanical service life: min. 1,000,000 cycles


Cost down

  • Cost-effective due to use of polymer

  • Quick and easy adaptation into robotics as an external rotary axis

  • Compatible with robot systems of other robot manufacturers, including Universal Robots

LCA robolink D-50 UR robot certification-UR (1)

Expand your UR robot's working area with certified igus® products

The UR+-certified rotary axis expands the universal robot work area. Integration into the UR CAP control system is with a plug-and-play solution or, as desired, with a ready-to-connect switch cabinet. You get everything from a single source: energy chains suitable for the UR robots, connection cables and a rotary axis.

Technical Data

  • Maximum torque: 50 Nm

  • Rated speed: 6 rpm

  • Rated torque: 15 Nm

  • Transmission: 48:1

  • Size: 50

  • Motor type: Stepper motor NEMA23XL

  • Mechanical service life: min. 1.000.000 cycles

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